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Cat's Claw

Cat's Claw

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CAT'S CLAW (Uncaria tomentosa): Uncover the diverse benefits of cat's claw, a tropical vine named after its thorn-like appendages that resemble a cat's claws.

  • Natural Habitat: Cat's claw thrives in the Amazon rainforest and various tropical regions of South and Central America.

  • Historical Use: The bark and root of this plant have been employed in traditional medicine for centuries. It is known to address inflammatory responses, microbial imbalances, joint discomfort, stomach lining irregularities, digestive issues, and irregular cellular growth.

  • Immune Support: Cat's Claw is a potent antiviral herb that boosts the immune system and aids in fighting infections. It has scientifically demonstrated DNA repair capabilities, a remarkable effect.

  • Antibacterial, Antifungal, and Antiviral Properties: Cat's claw exhibits notable antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral effects, making it effective against a range of well-being challenges, including Tick-borne, Fungal overgrowth, bladder inflammation, liver inflammation, Stomach inflammation, and Inflammatory bowel disorder.

Incorporate cat's claw into your wellness regimen by steeping it in tea alongside other herbs or grinding it into a fine powder for encapsulation. Its adaptability allows you to tailor your approach to your individual well-being needs.

Net Wt. 3oz (85.4g)  


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Janekka S. (Racine, US)
Great tea

This tea taste better than expected. Would buy again


It’s amazing