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Burdock Leaf

Burdock Leaf

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BURDOCK LEAF: Uncover the versatile benefits of burdock leaf, a herb employed for various well-being enhancements.

Urinary Health: Burdock leaf is traditionally used to promote urine flow, aiding in maintaining healthy urinary functions.

Immune Support: It is valued for its germ-fighting properties, which can help combat infections and reduce fever, assisting your body's natural defense mechanisms.

Blood Purification: Burdock leaf is recognized for its blood-purifying properties, promoting overall detoxification.

Anti-Inflammatory: This herb has anti-inflammatory qualities and can provide relief from a range of well-being challenges, making it a valuable addition to your holistic health approach.

Incorporate burdock leaf into your wellness regimen by steeping it in tea alongside other herbs or grinding it into a fine powder for encapsulation. Its adaptability allows you to tailor your approach to your individual well-being needs.

Net Wt. 1 oz (42.5g)



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Customer Reviews

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Always good shipping and good quality!

Always good shipping and good quality!

Maritza V.C. (Shirley, US)
Burdock leaf

I got a free sample of this. I loved adding it to my special high vibrational brew. I’m gonna add it to my next order.

Janaiya D. (Atlanta, US)
Love it

i put 2tsp in my tea every morning with seamoss:)